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Greeting from ISSE Pune managing committee. ISSE pune district center welcomes you all on launching of this website.


ISSE Pune district center is making an effort to build a strong team of ISSE members in Pune.
We take this opportunity to inform you that this web site will have an interactive forum where any member, who registers himself in this forum will have opportunity to express his views, difficulties, opinions related only to technical matters.

This forum we will try to resolve issues. We request our members to come forward and join with us to make this forum a better technical website.

Thank you and wish you very bright future.



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Indian Society of Structural Engineers PDC

Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE) was founded on 29th Jan1997 by ten advisory trustees under the leadership of great visionary & eminent engineer Late R. L. Nene its membership all over India in now more 1000. ISSE has been founded to resolve issues for the welfare of structural engineers since there was no professional institution solely dedicated and development to the cause of structural engineering profession in India, it fulfils the great need felt over many years. The goal of ISSE is to enhance the dignity of structural engineers and evolve suitable norms for their responsibilities and remunerations, bringing a brotherhood and dignified role in the society.

In order to achieve the above goal, it is the need of the hour that all professional Engineers including those in service to come under platform for their rightful place in the society. For this purpose, ISSE welcomes all working in the field of structural engineering to become its member.

Aims & Objectives

The society primarily has aims & objects as follows :
  • To safeguard and advance the common interests of the Society. To spread around the useful advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and information.
  • To act as prime representative to the various statutory organizations including State and Central Governments, for the common professional interests of the Society.
  • To make rules and regulations and take other incidental actions to give affiliations to other like minded organizations.
  • To modify and / or formulate any other additional aims and objects, as the circumstances demand.


On the basis of the prevailing state of the practice mentioned above, a professional body solely dedicated and devoted to the cause of Structural Engineers in India, was needed. The Indian Society of Structural Engineers was therefore founded in response to unique problems plaguing the Structural Engineering Profession for years. The goal of the Society is to enhance the dignity of the profession and to define suitable norms for the professional responsibility and remuneration thereby bringing about brotherhood and unity, among the fraternity.

Foundation Day is 9th July, 1998. On that day Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE) was formed as Public Trust, under able directions of Eng. R. L. Nene.

Inauguration Day is 29th January, 1999.The inauguration was done at the hands of Late Eng. B. G. Shirke, Managing Director of M/S Siporex. We started with membership of 100 engineers and today we have more than 1200+ engineers enrolled with us!

Managing Committee

Er. Shivadatt Patane
(O) 020 – 25442566


Er. Anshuman Bhide
(M) 9822522364


Er. Kedar Phadnis
(M) 9423012603


Imm. Past Chairman
Er. Dhairyashil Khairepatil
(O) 020 – 25468651


Er. Achyut Watve
(O) 020 – 66449100


Er. Kishor Jain
(O) 8446042207


Er. Pradeep Patil
(O) 020 – 25434795


Er. Ajay Kadam
(O) 020 – 25430005


Er. Shishir Dhawade
(O) 020 – 24227178


Er. Narayan Kochak
(O) 020 – 24460985


Er. Parag Deshpande
(O) 020 – 25451995


Er. Virendra Chavan
(O) 020 – 27402477


Er. Ashok More
(O) 020 – 66014582


Er. Deepak Nalawade
(O) 020 – 24471922


Er. Mahadeo Khurd
(O) 020 – 25230622


Er. Varsha Kanetkar
(M) 8600034863


Er. Sachin Yadav
(M) 9371236353


Er. Rajesh Nigade
(M) 9822012310


Er. Umesh Joshi
(O) 020 – 66449100


Er. Shriram Mone
(O) 020 – 25464197


Er. Jayant Inamdar
(O) 020 – 25638847


Er. G. A. Bhilare
(O) 020 – 25446001