Background : The Profession in India

The Structural Engineering Profession in India, in real sense, dates back to 1935. But there was no organization in India solely dedicated and devoted to the cause of the Structural Engineering Profession. Many structural engineers felt the need of such an organization, for years.

Involvement of a Structural Engineer

The share of the structural work in a building may be 35 to 60 % from point of view of the cost. But from the point of view of the performance, the share of the structural stability is much much higher. Just as in a human body where the bones and muscles share a great performance value, so also in buildings, the structural frame controls the same task. The Structural Engineer should be given free choice in determining the geometry of the structure. His involvement right from the inception of a project should be valuable. It is therefore appropriate that the Structural Engineer is engaged directly by the private as well as public sector.


As stated above, there was no statutory recognition to the profession till early 70s. A need for a professional body of practicing architects and engineers was felt and thus in 1975, the Practicing Engineers, Architects, Town Planners Association was founded. The recognition of the Structural Engineers by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai ( MCGM ) was accepted in 1977; thanks to the guidance and help we received from the then Director of Engineering, Eng. J. R. Patwardhan. But still a statutory recognition throughout the country is awaited. Engineers’ Bill is still pending.

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